September 9, 2019


Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is very important for the maintenance of tree crowns. It improves the airflow between the branches and removes the potential danger for the tree. The timing of the pruning is of great importance and needs to be performed with the proper techniques.  Trimming improves the appearance of the tree, helps in the maintenance of safety and will provide a uniform design of the tree crowns on your land. It should be perform once or twice a year.


Tree pruning helps in the removal of bacteria, fungi, viruses, termites or ants which may be hiding in the tree. Fast growing trees which usually have weak roots may fall down and cause damage which is why they need to be regularly pruned. Pruning is used for the removal of unwanted or dangerous branches or sometimes on ornamental trees to enhance flowering. Pruning can be selective depending on the situation of the tree and the demand of the customer.

Tree Removal

Even the most beautiful and strongest trees get old or get infested by termites and other types of insects. They need to be properly removed so that no damage is caused to the property or the surrounding buildings and stop them from taking over the yard. Tree removal will also prevent the possibility of spreading a disease to other trees and plants.  Before a tree is removed our team of competent professionals will perform an estimation of the tree to determine whether tree removal is necessary or not.

Palms Clean Up

Palm trees are beautiful and enrich the landscape. They create the feeling that you are near the ocean or that you are in the middle of the ocean relaxing on a private island. However in order for these trees to keep their beauty and freshness they need to be maintained. Palm fronds i.e., branches need to be removed and proper care needs to be taken for the fast growing palms overhanging the terraces and porches. Dead branches need to be removed and trimmed. This service will help you maintain or clean up the palm trees on your properly.

Haul Yard Debris and Rubbish

The change of seasons brings trees and flowers in bloom and colours and greenery in your yard. However the beautiful changes of the seasons also bring dry grass, fallen leaves and other yard debris. Leaves need to be raked up and the shrubs, bushes, plants, leaves, grass, sand, mulch, trees and rocks need to be collected and recycled. By using our services your yard will be clan and healthy.

Yard and Hillside Clean Ups

The yard and especially the hillsides on your property are probably not the easiest task for you. That is why you need to hire professionals. Using the proper equipment our team of professional arborists will remove all the dead trees, and other debris to make room for new and organized vegetation to grow.