September 3, 2019

About Us

BACILIO PROFESSIONAL TREE SERVICE is a company with a long tradition providing full and professional services for vegetation management. After you successfully create a beautiful landscape on your residential or commercial property you will need experienced and certified arborists for its maintenance and Bacilio Professional Tree Service can provide them for you.

Our competent professionals will estimate the trees and other vegetation on the designated property and will take proper care of the pruning, trimming, removal of dead or damaged trees, bushes, logs, stumps and wood waste. Our professional services include proper handling of the electrical wires near the tall trees around your homes using proper equipment, work at height if it is necessary and they will also handle the wildlife living on or around your property.

We are guided by the love of beautiful landscapes and give our best to grow and maintain the rich crowns on the trees and prevent possible damage or danger to the health of the trees. We are dedicated to providing a quality service to our customers and we also offer free estimates for our work.

We will provide you with emergency service and we guarantee there will be no poor practices. Our service is reliable and cost effective and safety is a top priority.

Bacilio Professional Tree Service is a team of people who really love and take care of trees.